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Rose Organics | Product


There's something sacred about your morning beauty routine. That quiet time before the insanity of your day begins where you have a small chance to do something that makes you feel honoured, cleansed and pampered. It's vital that this sacred daily ritual involves products made with care, thought and love - sourced from only the most essential and natural ingredients. 

This is the ethos behind the Rose Organics brand, who's gorgeously minimalist yet feminine product packaging was designed by Studio 9 Co. designs. When Jordan Waltz from Studio 9 Co. approached me to work together to create some brand visuals for the line, this is the place from which our styling inspiration began - with an emphasis on natural, organic and elegantly feminine elements. 

Working with Jordan to showcase these beautiful products was such a joy - her passion and eye for excellent design snares customer eyes with every product packaging suite she creates. I was so happy to work with her to showcase this beautiful project. If you're in the market for a fabulous product packaging designer, please consider getting in touch with her, you'd be placing yourself in the best of hands. 

A few words from the endlessly kind and brilliant Jordan from Studio 9 Co. designs, the creative powerhouse behind the Rose Organics package design. 

Lauren is an absolute DREAM to work with!  Not only is she the sweetest person ever, but she executed my vision, goals and the entire brand story for Rose Organics perfectly.  Her eye for finding the magic in minutiae things and styling them they way she does is unbelievable.  I had an idea of what I wanted from our shoot together and she went above and beyond.  Because of her beautiful work (plastered all over my website and Instagram) I have brought in more business and attracted more of my ideal clients.  
Lauren Miller Product Photographer Toronto Rose Organics.jpg

If you're looking to showcase your product through premiere-quality brand visuals - let's have a chat - you can drop me a line via the contact page on my website. 

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