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Meg Cassidy Creative | Branding Visuals

A few years ago I was still in the process of refining my business vision - I was still shooting weddings, headshots, events - and basically anything anyone would pay me for. I knew I wanted to shoot food and lifestyle content for small businesses - I just didn't really know how to get there. 

As often happens - the universe sent me a bit of a nudge when I saw an Instagram post promoting a food styling workshop with Le Collectif - a workshop collective started by Meg Cassidy of Modern Camper, and Danielle Cyr from Mur Lifestyle (my ultimate, complete prop source). I attended the workshop at Maman Toronto and it was really just such a turning point for me, my vision and how my business evolved. 

A few months ago - another universe nudge came while I was in Kauai with my husband - this time in the form of an email from Meg, asking if I'd like to work together on some visual assets for her soon-to-launch styling business website. Obviously, I said yes - and the results are beyond gorgeous. 

Meg and I worked together to create some vignettes that demonstrate Meg's effortless, elegant and classically simple approach to prop, food and interiors styling. Meg is able to take seemingly unremarkable items and surround them in a layer of magic - that reveres their simplicity, their place in everyday life - and weaves them into a rich, compelling visual story. 

Here are a few snippets of what we created together. You can see more of these assets at work on Meg's website and instagram


Sweetbark Maple Syrup | Branding Visuals