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Sweetbark Maple Syrup | Branding Visuals


Sweetbark Maple Syrup is a small-batch, Ontario-made, gourmet maple syrup brand founded by four young Torontonians, made from sap from a forest of maple trees in Caledon, ON. These guys are some of my favourite clients, they're deeply committed to their craft, the authenticity and quality of their syrup, and are honestly just fun, kind, beautiful people. 

I was lucky to have the opportunity to spend a day with the four Sweetbark founders in their sugar bush, documenting their process, as well as some cozy food moments. Our goal was to create some web and social media assets that told the story of the brand from tree to table, integrating the founders into the brand's visual materials and showcasing how maple syrup can be used in all kinds of gourmet food settings, from a mellow sweetener for your morning americano, to a sweet compliment to a charcuterie board, or even as a key element in a farm-to-table dinner. 

Check out their Instagram, where you'll see these assets come to life over the next while - as well as their website, where you can email them to order syrup and stay up-to-date on their goings on. 

If you're interested in having your brand story told in a similarly active, engaging and authentic way - let's chat - I can't wait to hear from you. 


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