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Hi there, I'm Lauren.

I'm a lifestyle and commercial photographer based in Toronto, Canada, specializing in food, interiors and product work. 

My photographs have been published in a variety of print and online publications including Chatelaine, Fashion Magazine Canada, Feed Feed, the Globe & Mail, HGTV, the National Post, Provencial Magazine, Toronto Life Magazine, Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun, View the Vibe Magazine, and the Washington Post. In my editorial and commercial work I strive to capture images that emanate warmth, simplicity, calm and connection, while capturing the essential magic of a brand's story. 

My goal in my work with thoughtful, design-driven brands is to tell a visual story that cuts through the noise, distraction and clutter in our hyper saturated visual environment with a focus on authenticity, classic styling & outstanding quality. 

I split my time between my studio in downtown Toronto and our farm in Prince Edward County. 

Created Commercial Content For: 

Batch Restaurant, Blaze Pizza, Chef's Plate, Chipotle, Crawford Street Skincare, D'Italiano Bread, Enigma Wines, Estia Restaurant, Figo Restaurant, Fox & Fiddle, Gusto 101, Gusto 54, Icon Legacy Restaurant Group, La Societe Restaurant, Kellogg's, Meg Cassidy Creative, Mint Floral Co., Muir Apothecary, Nestle, Royal Bank of Canada, Skinceuticals, Steeped Tea, Studio 9 Co., Sweet Bark Maple Syrup, Tangerine Bank, Weslodge Restaurant, Wonder Bread, XO Bisous Cafe.

Editorial (Print & Online):

Boston Globe, Canadian Traveller Magazine, Chatelaine, Fashion Magazine Canada, Feed Feed, the Globe & Mail (Globe Style), HGTV, Junebug Magazine, National Post, Provencial Magazine, Sidewalk Hustle, Spoonful Magazine, Toronto Life Magazine, Toronto Star, Vancouver Sun, View the Vibe Magazine, Verily Magazine, Washington Post. 


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